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"Schill" is the Low German expression for shells and means shell or skin. Together with the description of Country Corners shells are the namesake of the small promontory Schillighörn. The bathing in Schillig began around 1860, then lodged the bathers at the lighthouse keeper and into the surrounding houses.

With the growing desire to travel, the Germans more and more found relaxation at North Sea beach. Since 1985 the place is certified the North Sea spa. Due to its exposed location in the northeast corner of the East Frisian peninsula, Schillig is an ideal location for relaxing days at the sea and a starting point for exploring the Frisian countryside.

The Marine City Wilhelmshaven invites with many maritime services to be discovered. The Friesian beer is brewed in Jever, the seaport Emden attracts with top-class art. A look at the "cradle" of the great crusader in Papenburg can dream of the Caribbean. And also ever-changing landscapes under an endlessly vast sky.

trip advice ...

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  • China factory in Varel
  • Factory tour VW factory in Emden
  • Kunsthalle Emden
  • Boat trips
  • Boat trip in through the harbor of Wilhelmshaven
  • Trips to the East Frisian Islands and Helgoland
  • Guided mudflat tours (on site)
  • East Frisia tour with the bus

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